About us

Bernd Bieder / Katja Bieder

With worldsimages we connect the power of life, its beauty and the eternal uniqueness of the moment. Our world is overflowing with fantastic forms of expression, motives and wonder-worlds. What a joy to experience, enjoy and depict them. What a wonderful celebration of life.

The idea for a photo project was born for Bernd Bieder in the alleys of Saigon, where he has often traveled since 1994. The locals there cannot pronounce the name Bernd properly. So the abbreviation Ben was left. The first professional camera equipment in his pocket and a passion for photography deep in his chest; that's how the project "Benfoto" was born. Benfoto later became "Welten-Bilder" and "worldsimages", with pictures from all over the world and also with video productions.

At that time, wife Katja was still roaming around somewhere in the Australian bush, and on a dive boat in the Great Barrier Reef. Today both live in the idyllic Spreewald, only one hour south of Berlin. Bernd takes care of travel, photos and videos. Katja takes care of accounting and customer service, and also of her gallery in the Spreewald. As a senior flight attendant, she also spent 20 years crisscrossing the globe.

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